Monday, April 9, 2007


When purchasing a home, a buyer isn't just buying a house, they are buying a lifestyle. Home Stagers objectively style your home to appeal to a variety of buyers while creating an emotional connection.

Home staging is showing your home with its best features forward, making the first impression its best, in order to bring you a quick sale at the best price. At the same time, home staging can help highlight your home's unique features and make even unfinished or "forgotten" areas look their best.

Home staging is the process of preparing any home for sale by rearranging furniture, reducing clutter, neutralizing room (or adding a fresh coat of paint), simple renovations or making minor but necessary repairs.

Home staging is not about tearing out kitchen cupboards or doing major renovations. It is about highlighting and showcasing the existing features of your home, so buyers can imagine themselves living there.

Staging is a simple and inexpensive investment in your home to secure its equity.
Before you reduce your asking price by $5k or $10k - Invest in a home stager. A home staging consultant, like myself, can advise you on exactly what to clean, declutter, nuetralize, repair and renovate in order to turn your house into a showplace any potential buyer can see themselves in.

For a minimal investment of $150-$450 for a consultation, you could raise your home's value and keep the money you would have reduced in your pocket. What have you got to lose? Only time from your house being on the market. Staged homes sell faster and for more money than similar homes on the market.

According to a Forbes 2002 article written by Betty Schiffman titled "Selling Unsellable Homes", Schiffman states, "Before home sellers open their homes to the public, they probably have to clean behind the washing machine and bleach the bathroom tiles. The end result is a home that looks pretty much the same, only it's slightly cleaner and less cluttered.
A home stager, however, can take a basic three-bedroom home and turn it into another house entirely."

Homeowner and Realtor's "staging"

After Styled to Sell's Consultation

Which picture looks better? More appealing? Gives a good first impression?
The homeowners needed some advice on what was needed to make their house stand out. Your house too can stand out and make an impression. Call me today.
Stage it! Style it! Sell it!

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