Monday, April 16, 2007

What is home staging or house fluffing and how can it help you?

This is an article written by Kathy Somers, Creative Director of Stage It First for PRBuzz.
Stage it First is a Home Staging Service in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

Apr 03, 2007

American's have been using staging strategies since the 90's but the trend is just starting to be recognized by Canadian homeowners.

In order to make a home more appealing to a wider variety of buyers it's important to de-clutter and neutralize the space. Home stagers are able to take this marketing tool one step further. Buyers today are more real estate savvy, baking cookies and putting on a pot of coffee doesn't cut it anymore in today's competitive market. Beautifully decorated model homes have elevated the expectations of the homebuyer. Regardless of the market it's important to stand out from the rest!

A "home stager" is a person who will come into your home and give advice on the things you can do to improve your homes overall appeal. Home stagers look at your property with the objective eye of a buyer. They help you to understand the things that are working for you and also the things that may need to be corrected or reworked.

Generally a home stager will do a 2-3 hour consultation. During this time they will go through each and every room with you and make personalized recommendations for your home. A home stager can also suggest paint colours furniture layout, and placement of artwork. Most home stagers will shop for you or accompany you on your shopping spree for decorative items, linens etc. If you need furniture rentals that can be arranged: as well as handymen and tradesmen referrals for any repairs or painting that needs to be done.

Professional help can range from $100-$150 per hour on average, although you can have a home stager do only the consultation and leave you to make the changes on your own. Most people should expect to spend 1% of the list price on staging. While that can seem expensive, it's a great deal cheaper than your first price reduction which usually means $5000-$10,000 dollars. It's up to you how much of the staging project you want your home stager to complete: from the consultation only, down to the final details of the showing.

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